The ‘Rustic Bridge’ next to the ravine.

The ‘Rustic Bridge’ next to the ravine.

In 2010, it was determined that, in 1985, the city recorded incorrect boundaries and the City Attorney asked that the nomination process for historic district approval be repeated.  City Council unanimously approved the re-nomination.

More About Our History

  • This is Old Beechwold is a lovely brochure by Ellen Rose, a long-term Old Beechwold resident, describing the history of Old Beechwold from 1800 to 1975.

  • Morse Road Connector has surfaced several times in the history of Old Beechwold.  John Alexander has written an excellent history  that captures the passion and commitment of neighbors to protect the area.

  • Old Beechwold becomes a Historic District The 1987 nomination form for the National Register of Historic Places and an example of the commitment by our neighbors for Old Beechwold to become and stay on the historic district registries.

  • Jastram Grove, a mini-park west of the Rustic Bridge, was developed to honor the Jastrams, long-term Old Beechwold neighbors who were very instrumental in supporting, not only Old Beechwold, but also the arts in Columbus.

  • A Lifetime in Old Beechwold are memories from Patty Donnally, a long-term Old Beechwold resident.



From a forest …

…. to a zoo

….  to a neighborhood of uniquely ‘artistic’ homes.

As its historic 1915 brochure proclaims ,‘the charms of such a residence site as Beechwold, one scarcely knows where to begin…’

In 1985, Old Beechwold was placed on the Columbus Register of Historic Properties, and in 1987 on the National Register of Historic Places.  The late Henry Hunker, Ohio State University professor of geography, was the driving force for the historic designations.

These designations bring benefits as well as responsibilities for homeowners.

Commemorative plaque_National Register of Historic Places.jpeg

Living in Old Beechwold

If you are new to our community, welcome, we hope you find this information helpful as you settle in.

Since Old Beechwold is a Historic District, a Historic Commission Review Application and prior approval from the City of Columbus Historic Resources Commission are required for all exterior renovations.

In The News

Caring for Nature

  • Tender Care of Beeches A 1974 article by Ellen Rose

  • Estimating the age of trees. Curious about one of your trees? Check it out here.

  • Protecting our hostas from the deer. While we all love the deer in our neighborhood, they do love our hostas. Attached is a homemade concoctions to spray on the plants and cut down on the nibbling. Thank you to Missy Ellis for this recipe.